About Paul Reiman

Paul Reiman is the Head of Rewards and HR Operations for Commvault, a global provider of data management software and related solutions. In his role he oversees the global vision and execution of the organization's compensation, benefit, mobility, HR systems, and HR analytics programs. Prior to joining Commvault in early 2016, he held a similar role with Morningstar. Before taking corporate HR leadership roles, Paul spent over a decade in HR consulting. Paul has a degree in economics from the University of Chicago, and lives in the Chicago area. Paul founded GetNerdyHR as a way to share information and create a community around a new way of doing HR.

Battling Bias

We work with a lot of data. How often do we question whether it is good data? Big idea: if you don't start with the right data, you can get the wrong conclusions. Let's illustrate with a story. Abraham Wald was a mathematician born in present day Romania. He was educated at the University [...]

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Fail Faster (but not in HR)

I am struck by the contradiction between how businesses run their business and how those same businesses run their HR organization. The product development teams operate in an Agile fashion, embracing a requirements change and constantly learning. They deploy incremental features, observe how customers engage with those features, and then refine them. They test marketing [...]

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Going Meta – A Study of Studies of Studies

I'd lose my HR nerd card if I didn't occasionally read some academic articles about HR. My wife needs to get in her eye roll when I get excited about the delivery of a new issue of Human Resources Management Review or the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics. I will also admit I'm [...]

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Talent Acquisition is Acquiring Cash!

George LaRocque recently published some great data on his site detailing recent investments in HR technology. If you don't follow George or listen to his podcasts, you are missing an opportunity to be smarter about HR technology. There have been a bunch of deals lately, and the summary in George's post is worth reviewing. [...]

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The Gig Economy and HR – Where does it fit?

As I am preparing a separate post about recent investments in the HR Tech space, I was looking to categorize the investments into the Tech Landscape shared a month ago. It's not a trivial exercise - more on that when the future post arrives. A number of deals are for firms that specifically focus on [...]

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Gender Pay Gap (Part 1): Where does it come from?

This is the first part of a series of posts relating to the gender pay gap. There is little question about the accuracy of the statistic: in America, the median pay of full-time, working females is about 77% of the median pay of full-time working males. It's been reported by the media, quoted by Presidents, [...]

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A Spreadsheet is Not a System

A 2013 press release from WorldatWork declared that 90% of companies use Excel in their compensation processes. This became a (commendable) call to action for WorldatWork to beef up its emphasis on Excel training to equip rewards professionals with the skills needed to use its tool of choice. But here is another 90% statistic. [...]

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A Map of the Exploding HR Tech Landscape

Did anyone hear that there is a tech explosion happening? My email inbox certainly has. Just yesterday I received 13 separate emails from HR technology vendors looking to change my life with their latest app, for me personally or for my company. 9 the day prior (one duplicate). Capterra produced an "Infographic" (I wouldn't call [...]

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3D Pie Charts Are Evil

Please do not use 3D pie charts. They are evil. Okay, "evil" may be an overstatement. But they are inefficient and potentially misleading, and the combination of those are a data nerd's equivalent to evil. This is not an original idea. This argument is really about how pie charts are bad, and adding 3D makes [...]

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Time to Disengage From Engagement?

Is it time to kill engagement surveys? Some prominent figures in the space would say so. The Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2017 report describes a transition toward the employee experience, which is a more holistic view of what it feels like to work every day in your job. Engagement is described as a silo within [...]

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Viz Renovation: Introduction and Generations in the Workplace

Last week Bryan Briscoe and I delivered a presentation at the WorldatWork Total Rewards Conference in Washington D.C.. My portion of the presentation was about constructing visualizations that are "audience ready" - built to be understood quickly and thus maximizing your ability to influence. To illustrate a number of the principles I had identified, we [...]

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Recent Reads April 2017

Every so often someone will ask me about a book I've read lately... or I'll have a conversation and end up saying "you should read this book." In this vein, we've created the GetNerdyHR Bookshelf to capture books and categorize them by topic area. The links also take you directly to Amazon top buy [...]

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Why GetNerdyHR?

Welcome to a new beginning to an old journey. For years the HR function has pressed for relevance and inclusion at the leadership table, with moderate but often temporary success. The shift toward business partnering has generated gains, as it is understood that HR isn't just the hire and fire and can advise on matters of [...]

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The GetNerdy Manifesto

The Human Resources function has come a long way. It's not all fluffy stuff and simply filled with conversations managers don't want to have. In fact, it hasn't been that way for a while. But we still have a way to go. We need to change to meet the changes in our organizations and in [...]

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