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The Coronavirus Might Even Infect The Robots

Everyone is talking about COVID-19, infection rates, and mortality rates. But is anyone thinking about it "infecting" the robots? COVID-19 is an unprecedented situation. It is challenging every policy, playbook, and expectation related to work and how we engage in our daily work. Not long ago, the topic of focus was automation: artificial intelligence, machine [...]

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Fore! Pay Fairness Makes the News

What's fair to one may not be fair to another. It doesn't need to be entirely rational, either. The recent story of golfer Matt Kuchar and his temporary caddie for a tournament in Mexico put pay fairness in the sports news spotlight. For those unfamiliar with the story or with how golfer compensation works, here [...]

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The New Learning Paradigm Isn’t About the Platform, It’s About the Content

I love Josh Bersin's ideas and perspective on HR. Usually. But his recently published article, A New Paradigm For Corporate Training: Learning In The Flow of Work, misses something major in my mind. His New Paradigm is about formal learning moments showing up in your natural flow of work, with an emphasis on workers not needing [...]

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Artificial Intelligence for HR is Like Teenage Sex

Artificial Intelligence is a lot like teenage sex. Everyone talks about it. Nobody really knows how to do it. Everyone thinks everyone else is doing it. So everyone claims they are doing it. The above was presented* by Bryan Briscoe at the recent WorldatWork Total Rewards conference, where Bryan and I presented a session called [...]

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How Salary History Laws (Won’t) Affect You

There is a lot of discussion in the HR community about the impact of new salary history laws (here is a previous list, which you should assume will change). As these laws are now “live” in certain markets, employers are confronting the changes necessary to comply. I’m also seeing and hearing a lot of conversation [...]

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Uber Drivers Have a 7% Gender Pay Gap

Think about that. In a labor market that is fully mathematical (wages are based on a gender-blind algorithm) where the work is seemingly identical (an Uber ride is an Uber ride), there is still a 7% gap in hourly wages between men and women. This shows us why "solving" the gender pay gap is going [...]

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Your Comp Consultant Might Be Hurting You

Not literally - consultants are generally good people. But their marketing teams might be sharing information that is making your job harder. In the Fall, media outlets love to publish storied about the raises American employees can - or shouldn't - expect. This article was in December, citing research from one firm's salary increase survey. [...]

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How to Talk About Survey Results

This morning I was listening to a podcast, which included the host commenting on the results of a recent research study. The research findings included a number of things high performing companies were more or less likely to do or use, with one particular finding being this: High performing companies are 29% more likely to [...]

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Time to Kill The Annual Merit Process?

Employees aren't satisfied or motivated. Managers hate the work and the communication. And HR knows it doesn't solve the problems it should. So why do we do it? This is a question we've been asking ourselves at Commvault, not because we know we want to change it but because we see the imperfections in the [...]

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The Comp Function Needs to Change

Last night I attended and made some brief remarks at the Chicago Comp+Cocktails event sponsored by Payfactors. Payfactors is doing some interesting things in the world of compensation management, with the overall message of a compensation revolution. I'll have more to say about that at some point in the future. My remarks last night were [...]

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Metrics as Guides, not Grades

I received some great email feedback from the last past on measuring quality of hire. There seems to be a hunger for more clarity and specificity in the HR metrics space, and particularly a call to move beyond measures that create the wrong incentives. Given this feedback, you can expect more posts in this area, [...]

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Measuring Quality of Hire

  I've been thinking a lot lately about how to measure hiring quality, and I'm hoping to test an idea with you. Over time I have grown a bit frustrated with the focus on "time to fill" measures. It can lead recruiters to shorten cycles that need to be longer, and it can encourage managers [...]

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Battling Bias

We work with a lot of data. How often do we question whether it is good data? Big idea: if you don't start with the right data, you can get the wrong conclusions. Let's illustrate with a story. Abraham Wald was a mathematician born in present day Romania. He was educated at the University [...]

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Fail Faster (but not in HR)

I am struck by the contradiction between how businesses run their business and how those same businesses run their HR organization. The product development teams operate in an Agile fashion, embracing a requirements change and constantly learning. They deploy incremental features, observe how customers engage with those features, and then refine them. They test marketing [...]

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Going Meta – A Study of Studies of Studies

I'd lose my HR nerd card if I didn't occasionally read some academic articles about HR. My wife needs to get in her eye roll when I get excited about the delivery of a new issue of Human Resources Management Review or the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics. I will also admit I'm [...]

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The Robots are Coming! (Part 3): What Harry Potter Can Teach Us About Risks

The prior post in this series provided some warnings from Jurassic Park about how letting machine learning run amuck could cause unintended consequences.  In this installment, we’ll go further into the process and talk about the challenges of interpreting the data and its usefulness. The second most dangerous thing about machine learning systems is too [...]

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Talent Acquisition is Acquiring Cash!

George LaRocque recently published some great data on his site detailing recent investments in HR technology. If you don't follow George or listen to his podcasts, you are missing an opportunity to be smarter about HR technology. There have been a bunch of deals lately, and the summary in George's post is worth reviewing. [...]

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The Gig Economy and HR – Where does it fit?

As I am preparing a separate post about recent investments in the HR Tech space, I was looking to categorize the investments into the Tech Landscape shared a month ago. It's not a trivial exercise - more on that when the future post arrives. A number of deals are for firms that specifically focus on [...]

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Gender Pay Gap (Part 1): Where does it come from?

This is the first part of a series of posts relating to the gender pay gap. There is little question about the accuracy of the statistic: in America, the median pay of full-time, working females is about 77% of the median pay of full-time working males. It's been reported by the media, quoted by Presidents, [...]

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A Spreadsheet is Not a System

A 2013 press release from WorldatWork declared that 90% of companies use Excel in their compensation processes. This became a (commendable) call to action for WorldatWork to beef up its emphasis on Excel training to equip rewards professionals with the skills needed to use its tool of choice. But here is another 90% statistic. [...]

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A Map of the Exploding HR Tech Landscape

Did anyone hear that there is a tech explosion happening? My email inbox certainly has. Just yesterday I received 13 separate emails from HR technology vendors looking to change my life with their latest app, for me personally or for my company. 9 the day prior (one duplicate). Capterra produced an "Infographic" (I wouldn't call [...]

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Time to Disengage From Engagement?

Is it time to kill engagement surveys? Some prominent figures in the space would say so. The Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2017 report describes a transition toward the employee experience, which is a more holistic view of what it feels like to work every day in your job. Engagement is described as a silo within [...]

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Recent Reads April 2017

Every so often someone will ask me about a book I've read lately... or I'll have a conversation and end up saying "you should read this book." In this vein, we've created the GetNerdyHR Bookshelf to capture books and categorize them by topic area. The links also take you directly to Amazon top buy [...]

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Why GetNerdyHR?

Welcome to a new beginning to an old journey. For years the HR function has pressed for relevance and inclusion at the leadership table, with moderate but often temporary success. The shift toward business partnering has generated gains, as it is understood that HR isn't just the hire and fire and can advise on matters of [...]

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The GetNerdy Manifesto

The Human Resources function has come a long way. It's not all fluffy stuff and simply filled with conversations managers don't want to have. In fact, it hasn't been that way for a while. But we still have a way to go. We need to change to meet the changes in our organizations and in [...]

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