Every so often someone will ask me about a book I’ve read lately… or I’ll have a conversation and end up saying “you should read this book.” In this vein, we’ve created the GetNerdyHR Bookshelf to capture books and categorize them by topic area. The links also take you directly to Amazon top buy them (full disclosure: if you buy, we get a small commission, which helps fund the operation of this site).

I typically don’t read “a” book. I often have two that I am moving through, often with different styles, topics, or genres to fit my mood or length of time available to read. Since I was asked this morning about what I’m reading now, here are the two in my bag as of today:

In preparation for a session I am co-presenting at the upcoming WorldatWork Total Rewards  conference, I have been re-reading Storytelling with Data. This is a great primer about how to create engagement and action from how you use data. In particular, I love her focus on why practices work rather than just “don’t do this.”

I enjoy Michael Lewis, and I’m a huge behavioral economics fan. Smash them together and you get Nerdvana.