GetNerdyHR Disclosure Policy

Transparency and honesty are important to us at GetNerdyHR. We want to be talk about what’as happening in the market with candor, and we also want to access the best thinking and ideas so the entire community can innovate and prosper.

At times, this will mean that posts will be written by or contain references to product and service providers. When a particular solution is discussed at length and not simply mentioned casually, or if the post is written by an employee of a service provider, we will include the following table at the bottom:

Author Disclosure

Relationship Disclosure
Provider No
Competitor No
In the Market Yes
Customer No
Sponsor No

All columns will refer to the author of the post, with the exception of Sponsor.

Provider means the author is employed by an entity that offers solutions referenced in the post.

Competitor refers to whether the author works for a company that provides competing products or services. This would be unusual.

In the Market refers to the author currently exploring solutions in this space, and the vendor in question is part of the consideration process.

Customer means what it sounds like. The author or his/her company is a paying customer for the products or services described.

Sponsor would mean that the vendor is a sponsor for in some way. This means that the vendor has made payments to GetNerdyHR LLC (the underlying company for the site) in the previous six months or has committed to sponsor in the future.