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When the Cost of Living Gets You Fired

We all understand that certain markets are expensive. We all understand that housing availability and housing costs are skyrocketing in certain places. We all understand that wages often increase in response to the cost of living, as natural supply and demand in the labor market reaches equilibrium. If workers can't afford to live in San [...]

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Fore! Pay Fairness Makes the News

What's fair to one may not be fair to another. It doesn't need to be entirely rational, either. The recent story of golfer Matt Kuchar and his temporary caddie for a tournament in Mexico put pay fairness in the sports news spotlight. For those unfamiliar with the story or with how golfer compensation works, here [...]

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Uber Drivers Have a 7% Gender Pay Gap

Think about that. In a labor market that is fully mathematical (wages are based on a gender-blind algorithm) where the work is seemingly identical (an Uber ride is an Uber ride), there is still a 7% gap in hourly wages between men and women. This shows us why "solving" the gender pay gap is going [...]

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