WorldatWork Future of Work Forum 2018

March 12-13, 2018

Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas

Cost: $1,295

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Paul and Bryan will be presenting the following:

Looking in the Mirror: A Rewards Makeover for the Future Workforce

Traditional employment is being challenged by the gig economy. Automation is changing the value of skills and prevalence of roles. Workforce demographics are introducing new priorities for the employee value of proposition. Put together, all of this will challenge how an HR team’s rewards function supports the business in the future of work. In this session, attendees will hear how traditional methods of rewards management are being challenged by these workforce trends and learn which critical HR/rewards capabilities will be needed to turn these challenges into an opportunity for a broad business impact.

Key Learning Points:
– Understand the workforce trends and issues that challenge traditional rewards practices and skills
– Identify the capabilities and knowledge necessary to address the challenges of future work
– Hear organizational models and roles that can be immediately explored and used to equip teams to become progressive rewards functions.