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Episode 4: Blog Recap, Big Data, and Upcoming Events

Paul Reiman reviews some blog posts that generated a lot of views, specifically covering how the compensation function needs to change and how it may be time to kill the annual merit process as we know it. He then does a quick recap of a recent talk he gave, specifically noting the role Big Data […]

Episode 3: Nerd Toys, Healthcare, and Tesla vs. Facebook

This episode covers three topics: the tools we use to do our analysis work, an answer to a listener’s question about U.S. healthcare, and a discussion of a debate on AI between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. Paul Reiman and Bryan Briscoe talk about their personal toolkits and offer observations about the healthcare and AI […]

Episode 2: HR Nerd Hacks to “Always Be Learning”

This episode focuses on some approaches to continuous learning. Paul Reiman and Bryan Briscoe talk about their personal learning strategies and the resources they love to continuously learn. Be sure to visit to sign up for our email list and to find other helpful posts and resources. Intro and exit music from

Episode 1: Unbuzzing the Buzzwords

In this episode, we explore some buzzwords in the HR space. Topics include predictive analytics, machine learning, HR Tech 3.0, Millennials, and “best practices.” Co-Hosts: Paul Reiman and Bryan Briscoe For further content, go to Intro and Exit Music:

Podcast Introduction

Welcome to NerdChat. In this introduction episode, we share a bit more about our background and objectives. Check back soon for more content. Intro and Exit Music: