Welcome to a new beginning to an old journey. For years the HR function has pressed for relevance and inclusion at the leadership table, with moderate but often temporary success. The shift toward business partnering has generated gains, as it is understood that HR isn’t just the hire and fire and can advise on matters of business in a talent-driven economy.

That said, business leaders want more. Managers want more. And HR wants more.

Here’s the big idea: Giving more and providing more is less about the ideas and programs you generate today, and more about how you go about generating ideas and programs.

This site is all about that. We will focus on inquiry, data, technology, and learning as a process to make better HR decisions which are better business decisions. Through a mix of ideas on specific hot topics to a grounding on fundamental concepts, we will seek to equip the HR professional with tools to approach their work in a more nerd-like manner.

But why the “nerdy” label? Aren’t we past labels and stereotypes?

Look, this site is founded by a proud nerd. Being a nerd isn’t a bad thing. Through nearly 40 years of life experience and maybe a little therapy… I’ve accepted who I am as a nerd and proudly display it for all. Even my wife loves my nerdiness (though she makes a distinction between being “nerdy” and “nerdy nerdy”, the difference being rooted in some trace of social skill). I have stuck out a bit in my HR career – nicknames like Doogie, Sheldon, and images of John Nash have often been used. That said, sticking out has been a good thing, and I can see meaningful differences in the impact of certain solutions that are rooted in their nerdiness.

So welcome to the journey!